Kory Watson

Hi! My name is Kory Watson. I'm an engineer that specializes in machine learning and computer vision projects.

I'm a Machine Learning Engineer at Apple. We're building a compiler and runtime for blazing-fast on-device model inference and training.

For inquiries or to otherwise get in contact, shoot me an email at [email protected]. Thanks!

Apple Neural Network Inference Machine Learning Engineer January 2020 - Current
Internship Experience
Apple Applied ML Research Machine Learning Engineer Intern, Vision 2019
Apple Applied ML Research Software / Machine Learning Engineer Intern, Vision 2018
Google Cloud Billing Software Engineer Intern 2017
Microsoft SQL Server Software Engineer Intern 2016
UW School of Nursing MPOWER Group Software Engineer 2016
Blue Origin Avionics Software Engineer Intern 2015
Boeing P8 Program Software Engineer Intern 2014
SeaTec Consulting Airborne Wifi Lead Software Engineer Intern 2014
Teaching (TA)
CSE 401 Intro to Compiler Construction Abstract Syntax Trees, Finite State Machines, Grammars, x86 Assembly, IRs, etc. Fall 2019
CSE 333 Systems Programming C and C++ Intro, Berkeley Networking API Spring 2019
CSE 351 The Hardware/Software Interface x86 Assembly, Computer Architecture, Caching, Virtual Memory, Memory Allocation Autumn 2018, Winter 2019
UW MODE Lab MODE: Machine Learning, Optimisation, Distributed Systems, (E) Statistics MNIST VAE (Variational Autoencoder) work Winter 2018
University of WashingtonComputer Engineering, GPA 3.80